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Guitar & Harmonica Workshops also with Eric Noden

Workshops and Festivals where Joe has taught and performed

David Barrett’s Harmonica Masterclass

Joe’s most in-depth workshops in the continental US have been presented in conjunction with the Harmonica Masterclass.  Watch itinerary for upcoming dates.  Be sure to check out to see many videos of Joe’s lessons online.

Joe, who considers David Barrett to be the World’s Best Harmonica teacher, works his hardest at this event just trying to keep up with him.  Also, this is the best opportunity to study the country blues traditions with Joe.  The classes he designs for the Masterclass are always his best.

Harmonica Master’s Workshop
Trossingen, Germany

This is the best opportunity to study with Joe outside the US.  As an extra bonus, you will get the experience of seeing him in concert and also the the benefit of experiencing David Barrett, Steve Baker, Eric Noden and others.  This event often attracts over 100 particpants from as many as 5 continents.
The great Steve Baker and the Hohner Konvervatoriam are the main moving forces behind this event, which is held in the most historically significant harmonica town in the known world – Harmonika Mecca!

A visit to Trossingen is a must for every serious harp player!

Hawaiian Harmonica Retreat

This event based on the island of Kauai is the work of JP Allen and happens in February.  He has brought together a amazing variety of teachers and performers to do their magic for 5 days.

SPAH Festival
(Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica)

Joe does hold seminars but is mostly known for the afternoon harmonica teach-ins and late night acoustic blues jams that he organizes.  Tremendous opportunity to meet and hang with highly accomplished players from many countries accross the world.

Harmonica Conventions are held at various locations.
The 2014 Convention will be in Denver, CO.
Mission Statement for the Filisko Teach-In for the SPAH Festival

Augusta Festival
Elkins, West Virginia

You will often find Joe and Eric teaching during the yearly Blues Week held mid July.  This festival is held in the hills of beautiful West Virginia.  Kind of an adult music summer camp with nice workshops and numerous opportunities for jamming and hanging out ’till the wee hours.  There are usually at least three harmonica teachers, including the famous Phil Wiggins and Grant Dermody.  See the Augusta website for details.

Harpin’ By The Sea
Brighton, UK

This 1 day event is based at the Brunswick Pub in Brighton, takes place every year in February and packs in a full day of workshops and evening of concerts.

Blast Furnace Blues Festival

Based in Bethlehem, PA, this March event is now beginning to host multiple day workshops with a focus on learning traditional blues.

Euro Blues
Northampton, UK

A major teaching festival in the UK that focuses on traditional blues and all of the instruments associated.

The success of this annual event is due to the labors of Michael Roach, who consistently hires the best blues teachers in the world and features brilliant concerts.  See website for details.

Midwest Harmonica Workshop

Based in Minneapolis, MN, this event happens in the summer and has brought a really nice variety of teachers and performers that have put on an amazing variety of classes and concerts.

Les Harmonicales
Condat, France

Joe and Eric were extremely pleased to return in 2014 for their third appearance of teaching and performing near Limoges, France at a memorable event that brings in players and participants from across Europe.

Paramount Blues Festival
Grafton, Wisconsin

Sponsored by the Grafton Blues Association in connection with the historical Paramount Records. One weekend in September with Concert and workshop stages. Joe teaches at this Festival regularly.

Kerrville Folk Festival Harmonica Workshop

This three day workshop is organized by Texas music legend Rob Roy Parnell, this event held in Kerrville the last week of the Folk Music festival in late May/early June and has featured the talents of Rob Roy and numerous others.

Archie Edwards Barbershop
Washington DC

This organization hosts weekly jams, and periodic workshops and concerts.  Joe and Eric have been featured when they have been in the DC area.

Centrum’s Country Blues Workshop
Port Townsend, Washington

Joe has participated in this West coast acoustic blues gathering. The Workshop lasts for about 5 days with world class players, workshops, jamming and concerts.

World Harmonica Festival
Trossingen, Germany

Best opportunity to meet players from the corners of the world, see evening concerts, attend workshops, enter competition, participate in jam sessions, see the Hohner factory and Harmonica Museum.  Harmonica heaven for the fanatics of the world only scheduled every 4 years.  See you in 2017!

Die Schorndorfer Gitarrentage

A great opportunity to study blues harmonica in Schorndorfer, Germany.  This festival is about 5 days long, has other musicians attending and is similar to the Augusta Blues Week held in West Virginia.  The harmonica part of this festival is the mainly the fruits of the labor of Masen Dabbag.